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Glass Recycling

Glassdon Recycling is an NIEA Licensed facility and is the only glass bottle processing facility within Northern Ireland. The company have been collecting and processing glass bottles and jars since 1995 and commissioned the first state of the art colour separation glass processing plant in Ireland in 2008.


This plant provides Glassdon with a capacity to process up to 100,000 tonnes of cullet for the glass container industry. Glassdon is the incumbent for the local authority glass collections throughout Northern Ireland, servicing bring sites and civic amenity sites for all 11 Councils. Glassdon has also been providing glass collection services to several Councils within the Republic of Ireland. Part of these contracts include the collection and recycling of metallic packaging to include alloy and steel cans.

Glassdon also service the restaurant and pub/club trade with a daily collection service available and wheelie bins supplied.

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Glass Recycling

Through recycling glass packaging we reduce CO2 emissions, energy demand and reduce the amount of materials going to landfill. Glass is one of the few materials that can be continuously recycled without losing any of its properties, so it has the potential to be 100% recyclable.

The highest quality glass that is recovered is mainly collected via bring banks and wheelie bins where the waste is separately collected. It is for this reason that Glassdon would not advocate co-mingling glass with other recyclable materials.

Items that you should never place into glass recycling banks include cookware, pyrex, plates & cups and ceramics of any kind or any other material which will contaminate the waste. These items all have various melting points and shall not be accepted at the furnace.


Our Process

The plant uses a combination of vibrating screen decks, crushers, optical separators and suction systems to process the glass to meet the very exacting specification required by the glass manufacturing industry.

The raw bottles are processed to remove contaminants such as paper, plastic, metals, corks and ceramics and then sorted into the three main colours (Clear, Green and Amber), before being deposited in storage bays ready for collection or delivery to glass manufacturing facilities. At these manufacturing facilities the recycled glass “cullet” can be added directly into the furnace without any further processing.

Glassdon also specialise in metallic packaging and collect both alloy and steel cans from many of the local authorities. We have a dedicated processing plant to separate out ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and any contamination arising from these collections. Glassdon have direct contracts with UK smelters to ship these baled cans.

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