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Specialist Environmental Services

Rilta Environmental

Rilta Environmental operate the largest licensed integrated hazardous waste management facilities in Ireland. The company has invested in state of the art processing equipment and can arrange for the safe transport, shipment and recovery/disposal of hazardous waste. Rilta is licensed by the EPA to provide a range of services which include treatment of aqueous waste streams, reprocessing of waste oil and the storage of hazardous waste pending shipment abroad for disposal/recovery.

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TechRec NI

TechRec NI operates the only licensed refrigeration recycling facility on the Island of Ireland. The plant includes a full fragmentation process to ensure removal of ozone depletion gases in compliance with ODS Regulations. All equipment processed is converted into raw materials and exported for reuse by manufacturers. ClearCircle is currently investing in a state of the art WEEELABEX compliant plant at the Toomebridge site.

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Glassdon recycling is the leading glass recycling company on the island of Ireland. With one of the most advanced recycling plants in Europe, situated in Toomebridge, Glassdon collects and processes glass packaging from local authority and commercial customers throughout the island of Ireland.

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