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Service, Recover, Recyle and Reuse

ClearCircle Environmental is a leading provider of specialist services throughout the island of Ireland. Our multi-disciplinary services include industrial services, waste treatment and disposal, soil decontamination, waste brokerage, and materials recovery.


Specialist Environmental Services

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ClearCircle Environmental is the umbrella brand for the Specialist Environmental Services business and the Materials Recycling business which are located in Ireland. The businesses within the division are engaged in the recovery of resources for recycling and reuse in a sustainable manner.

Corporate Responsibilities

Appropriate permitting and licensing, know-how and best practices in health and safety are core tenants of our business and ensure that all stakeholders are respected and well served. Corporate responsibility is fundamental to our long-term success.

  • Environmental


    ClearCircle Environmental operate each of its facilities throughout the island of Ireland to the highest environmental standards. The core business incorporates specialist environmental services (hazardous waste management and materials recycling). Many of these operations continue to acquire and maintain various licences, environmental permits, exemptions and consents where applicable.

    While the company predominantly operates within the environmental services sector, ClearCircle recognises the need to apply the principles of conservation and environmental management in all aspects of its work activities. This policy has been developed to ensure that these activities are carried out with minimal environmental impact, thus contributing to the aims of sustainable development.

    All of the businesses within ClearCircle Environmental have developed an environmental management system to fulfil environmental key performance indicators as set by senior management. A framework has been established for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets to include:-

    • Continual improvement to ensure installations operate while preventing pollution.
    • A commitment to comply with all EU and national environmental legislation and regulations.
    • Waste minimisation- reduce, reuse and recycle.
    • Utilities and raw material management.
    • Energy efficiency with the aim of reducing carbon emissions.
    • Staff training and development to promote environmental awareness.

    ClearCircle Environmental will continuously review and monitor environmental performance. This policy shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

    Health and Safety

    Appropriate health and safety practices are a core component of ClearCircle Environemntal’s business strategy.


    The policy of the company is:-

    • To comply with all National and EU Legislation as a minimum requirement.
    • To ensure the safety, health and welfare at work of all our employees, in so far as is reasonably practicable.
    • To ensure that people, not in our employment, who may be affected by our work activities, are not exposed to risk to their safety and health.
    • To consult with our employees on matters related to safety, health and welfare at work and to take consideration of their representations.
    • To provide safe plant and equipment.
    • To make available information, instruction, training and supervision on all aspects of the plant operation.
    • To provide a work environment that is free of hazard and, where this is not reasonably practicable, to provide PPE and equipment as appropriate for the tasks in question.
    • To plan for emergencies.
    • To provide facilities for the welfare of all our employees.
    • To provide a work environment that strives to prevent ‘improper conduct’.

    To this end it is anticipated that all employees will co-operate with all company initiatives and take reasonable care to ensure the safety, health and welfare of both themselves and their fellow workers. They shall furthermore report to their immediate supervisor any defects to plant, equipment or system of work which might endanger the health, safety and welfare of company employees.

    ClearCircle Environmental operates a health and safety management system structured in accordance with the requirement of OHSAS18001. This system will be used to ensure that health and safety management is given the attention and resources that it deserves. We will use our health and safety management system to continually improve our health and safety performance and to strive for zero accidents. To assist with the achievement of this objective, we will continually review and update this policy and our health and safety management system.

  • Regulators, Authorisations and Compliance

    ClearCircle Environmental is committed to ensuring that all of the company’s sites and business practices comply with the latest legislation and are appropriately licensed and permitted. The regulating authorities vary by geography as follows:


    Northern Ireland

    The Northern Ireland Environmental Agency (NIEA) is the regulator for both Waste Licences and Waste Carrier Licences. Discharge consents to local sewage waste water treatment plants with emission limit values are issued by the Local Authority.


    Republic of Ireland

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates Industrial Emission Licences (IEL) and Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) Licences. Local Authorities (or Councils) issue Waste Permits and Waste Collection Permits.